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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Larry Kudlow Loses His Mind, Or Learns that Drunkblogging is Fun

The current financial meltdown can be tough for some to take -- especially if you are in the business of markets. Note Larry Kudlow last night from a post at NRO's The Corner. [emphasis mine]

[...]Ironically, this huge government action will be solved by free-market auctions and private sector loan workouts that will pay us back. I don't like it, but sometimes you just have to stop the financial fear. When I spoke to Alexander Hamilton last night about this, he told me it was the right thing to do. Like he did in the 1790s.
I'd pay serious money to have Larry King and Larry Kudlow host a show together. Where they interview dead politicians. Who wouldn't watch that? Call it Larry and Larry Speak to the Dead and Powerful. Next up on Larry and Larry -- Larry tries on Abe Lincoln's hat and asks him the question everyone is dying to know - What does it feel like to be shot in the head? Only on Larry and Larry!

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