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Monday, September 08, 2008

That's a Shit Load of Coke

Sept. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Peruvian police made their biggest seizure of cocaine in three years, daily La Republica reported.

Police impounded a 4 metric-ton (8,820-pound) shipment headed for Holland in an operation in Lima, the daily said, citing Interior Minister Luis Alva Castro. Peruvian authorities have seized 20 tons of drugs so far this year, La Republica said.

Police arrested 20 people, including five Mexicans and three Colombians during the operation on Sept. 5, according to the newspaper. The drugs, hidden inside a shipment of steel barrels, would have been worth $400 million in Europe, La Republica said.

The shipment was organized by Mexico's Sinaloa cartel, the Lima-based newspaper said.
Somewhere, someone is asking the question -- Where is 9,000 pounds of coke when I need it?

Story here.

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