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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Clintons Fight To Elect Whatshisname

The Washington Post today has an amusing report from a pair of Pennsylvania Democratic rallies in which America's first black president and his junk-in-the-trunk wife momentarily forget they are trying to help elect America's second black president:
[T]here are still some tender feelings -- most publicly those of Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, who gave a most unusual introduction to Clinton at her rally for Obama on Monday in Horsham, near Philadelphia.

"The proudest accomplishment I'll look back on is the seven-week campaign we ran for Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania," Rendell said. About half of the several hundred people at the outdoor rally applauded.

"I have never seen a seven-week campaign catch fire the way that campaign did," Rendell went on. A smaller number of people clapped.

"It was wonderful to see people who would tell me, 'I'm never voting for Hillary Clinton,' by the end of that seven weeks were avid Hillary Clinton supporters," Rendell continued. This time nobody applauded.

Rendell was not quite done. "In Washington, D.C., if we lose all of our supporters, all the people who look out for us, there will be one man left standing," he said, "but that man will be a woman, Hillary Rodham Clinton."

Clinton tried to take over the microphone, uttering a "Whoa!" to admire the crowd -- but Rendell reclaimed the floor. "One last time!" he shouted, leading the crowd in a chant of "Hillary! Hillary!"

And this would be an Obama rally?

The sentiment was much the same in Scranton on Sunday, when Bill and Hillary Clinton joined Joe Biden and his wife at an Obama rally. Bill Clinton got nearly two-thirds of the way through his speech before speaking the words "Barack Obama," and he mentioned his wife more often than the presidential nominee.

"I expect to spend the rest of my natural life trying to show people how grateful I am [to those] who supported Hillary in her long quest this last year," the former president said. "I knew 37 years ago when I first met her that I'd never met anybody like her before and I might not ever meet anybody like her again."

Hillary Clinton, up next, had a modest proposal: "Go out and make the case, because Barack and Joe are not asking you to marry them. They are asking you to vote for them -- and vote for yourselves."

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