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Friday, October 31, 2008

Election Alert!!

Attention all South Carolina TtP readers and registered voters -- Normally we here at To the People would fully endorse your right to take Election Day off to get high, go fishing, maybe shoot a deer or two and say a big fuck you to the voters booth. However it has come to our attention that an important ballot initiative is up in your home state. One that is very likely (who are we that will) affect you directly if you are a reader of this blog AND a resident of South Carolina.
They will also have several amendments to the South Carolina Constitution on their ballot.

At 14 years old, an unmarried girl currently has the right to consent to sexual intercourse. Section 33, Article 3 of the state constitution, which allows that, could be amended if voters chose to eliminate the provision.

If voters chose yes, that gives the state legislatures the ability to set the age of consent.

If voters chose no, it would leave the constitution unchanged. That means any woman not married can consent to sex when they turn 14 years old.

Columbia Representative Todd Rutherford says he hopes voters vote yes, so the general assembly can set a higher age.
In other news: Why did I ever move out of South Carolina....?

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