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Monday, October 27, 2008

Fat Chick Tells Us to Vote for Obama, I Smell Vomit Somewhere on Me

The Baltimore Sun runs against the tide of the mainstream media and....endorses Barack Obama. Is there just a standard mad lips like form that newspapers use to write the Obama endorsement?:

Senator Obama's campaign has been extraordinarily open - inclusive across generational, ethnic and class lines. His top advisers include Democrats and Republicans, giving substance to his promise of bipartisan leadership. He created a disciplined organization that raised record sums yet stayed within budget. Senator Obama's campaign testifies to his managerial skill and talent for surrounding himself with smart, hard-working people.[...]

With the likelihood of vacancies on the Supreme Court in coming years, the next president will have an opportunity to shape the judicial branch's liberal-conservative balance for a generation on such crucial questions as abortion, civil liberties and civil rights. We believe that unlike Senator McCain, who has said he would name justices sympathetic to the views of the court's most conservative members, Senator Obama would avoid ideologically driven appointments that further polarize the country on contentious social issues.

Senator Obama is a relative newcomer on the national stage. But he has proved to be that rarest of public servants, an inspirational leader who would transcend any enduring racial barriers and call upon the best in the American character, a public servant who also possesses the finely honed political skills necessary to turn the nation's highest ideals into practical policies that benefit citizens.

That is why The Baltimore Sun endorses Barack Obama for president
Translation: We endorse Barack Obama because he's to the left on economic and social issues, he's running the (so-far) leading campaign, he has raised lots of money, and he seems to be a pretty cool guy.

That's how I read it, because one would think if you really cared about bipartisanship you would endorse the guy who has actually engaged in it, as opposed to the guy who just gets endorsements from politically opportunistic "Republicans". Or, if you cared about, "running a campaign within budget" you might want to look at the guy who is farther away from raising $1 billion dollars and has actually had to work to stay under budget, instead of the candidate who has enough cash to buy his own satellite TV channel. And we can just forget, as the Sun obviously has, that the important part of Obama's "disciplined campaign" isn't staying within a $700 million budget, instead it's running a Bush-like operation where everything is operated under a veil of secrecy. I'm pretty sure most journalist on the trail no matter how close they are to Obama '08's collective taint would agree that of all things the campaign may be, open is not one of them. Running that type of tight operation was most likely a deciding factor in the primary run when contrasted to Hillary's leaky ship.

I'm not making a case for McCain, I couldn't do that, but I've grown tired of giving credit to Barack Obama for things Barack Obama hasn't done. If you want him to win, just come out and say you want him to win because the direction he wants to move the country (decidedly left) is the direction you want the country to move. The media doesn't need to pretend to be unbiased anymore, that shtick is over. Just come out of the closet and say, "We want the lefty to win".

But as always take what I say with a grain of salt, or a speck of vomit. This is coming from a guy who still has pieces of wings stuck in his beard from 2 a.m. last night and for the love of him can't quite locate where the stench of vomit that's been following him around all morning is coming from. And speaks of himself in the 3rd person. So whatever. I'm going to go buy new pants.

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