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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Honest Abe Alive and Well in the Sandy Springs Police Department

Needless to say, I want this officer's job. Or former job.
SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. -- An investigation is underway to determine if one Sandy Springs police officer's contact with two alleged prostitutes crossed the line.

Acting Sandy Springs Police Chief David Bertrand confirmed he has requested an internal investigation into allegations one Sandy Springs police officer may have gone too far while investigating alleged prostitutes.[...]

In a report dated Aug. 22, the officer entered a spa and said he was there for a massage. A price of $200 was given and a woman removed her clothes. The report suggests she climbed on the table with the officer and began rubbing her body on him before putting a condom on him.

The report goes on to say, "She then initiated the act of sexual intercourse with me."

The report said he told her to stop during the act, so he could use the phone. He gave the take down signal to a detective and advised the woman she was under arrest.

A second report indicated on Aug. 18, an officer responded to an ad. The woman allegedly placed a condom on the officer and began another type of sex act. Again, the officer advised her to stop so he could make a phone call. He told her she was under arrest.
Has this officer ever heard of lying? Cops do it all the time and guys having sex with prostitutes do it all the time. The guy is the perfect combination of a liar. She forced her self on me. Her vagina had magnetic like qualities and my penis has a reconstructive metal rod inside of it. Her crotch was a bear trap, and I'm a bear. I don't care what, just make up something.

Full story here.

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