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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How To Arouse the Voters' Interest

Kudos to candidate Zane Starkewolf for coming up with a robo-call that you ordinary would have to pay $2.99 a minute to hear:
NAPA COUNTY (CBS13) ― A local congressional contest took a racy turn when an "enthusiastic" staffer recorded a robo-call that attracted an unusual amount of attention.

The robo-call went out on behalf of Republican challenger Zane Starkewolf starting Sunday, but was pulled by Monday. A female voice begins the message by saying "Mike Thompson has been a bad boy," in risqué tones.

Mike Thompson, Starkewolf's opponent, is the incumbent Democrat Congressmen representing the District 1 seat, which comprises the Sonoma, Napa and Yolo County regions.


"We all said no to the bail out," the voice message continues, "but Thompson backed Bush, just like he did with the Patriot Act."

"Uhh, vote Yes! for Zane," the message concludes.
Read the whole story here.

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