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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I Want to Take Tom Brokaw Out On a Date

[See below for more live-blogging]
9:02: Quick thought: I think most of the questions are going to be related to the economy tonight. But who knows...

9:09: Not to make this too Brokaw centric, but am I the only one who thinks Tom has a slight crush on McCain? That cute little chuckle he just gave when McCain throw a joke his way.

Obama is coming out strong and tough, attacking. Took Obama 11 minutes to bring up his middle-class tax cut.

9:25: Has the debate commission never heard of smoke-breaks? Christ, give us a 5 minute break somewhere.

McCain is really pushing this bi-partisiaanship line. Note: Have you ever tried to spell bi-partisianship without spell check? It's not easy.

9:31: OK, so am I the only one who noticed that Obama was the first to bring up 9/11?

9:35: I'm taking my own debate smoke break, see above for much better and up-to-date blogging.

9:45: Green jobs? I think in some Democratic debate Obama suggested that building windmills would be the next growth industry.

9:52: I know I'm supposed to be live-blogging this debate...but, is anyone actually watching and paying attention to these two guys? I hear some words, but it's pretty fucking dull. Granted, I'm drunk, but still -- I really want to catch up on AMC's Mad Men instead of watching this. Hell, I'm looking forward to the after debate, dull analysis over the debate itself.

10:12: Oh shit, the debate is still going on.. I kinda drifted off there for a minute or 20...Now everyone is getting testy..."You want a follow up, then I want a follow up. Let's take a follow up." Lots o arguing about follow ups

End of Debate: What a horrible debate. Really bad, which I guess I mean McCain loses. Dull, boring, same-old-same-old bullshit. It might have been the wine, but I was oh so close to nodding off a couple times. A dozen times. McCain loses, I guess, but man oh man what a shitty debate.

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