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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Somebody Please Cast Megan Fox In the Movie

Let's face it: stories of teachers seducing students have been so common in recent years that it's hardly news anymore. Heck, even hot 20-something teacher-babes seducing boys has gotten routine. So how does one make this news these days? Well, Indiana teacher Brooke Biggs has found a way:
SOUTH BEND, Ind.---- A teacher and coach was charged with child seduction after authorities said she made sexual advances toward a 16-year-old girl.

Brooke M. Biggs was formally charged Friday in St. Joseph Superior Court with two counts of felony child seduction following her arrest Thursday. She was released from St. Joseph County Jail on $2,000 cash bond Friday.
Investigators found Biggs and the girl had exchanged thousands of text messages including some with references to ''making out,'' and Biggs later admitted to police that she had been on a bed with the girl, kissing, the affidavit alleged. The girl later told police that Biggs had kissed and fondled her in August during a visit to her home while her parents were away, the document said.
Wouldn't you know it, the girls at the school all say she was a way cool teacher:
"She's my favorite teacher," 8th grade Grissom student Aundraya Leemreis told WSBT.
"Both my daughters like her very much," said Candace Brown. "They respect her and look up to her."

"Miss Biggs is a great teacher and I trust her," another parent said.

"She's a lot of fun," said Grissom 8th grader Aundraya Leemreis.

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