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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Stockpile Gold, Canned Goods and Magazine Porn

A selection of some stocks from my portfolio and watch list after today's bloodbath.
I'm thinking tomorrow might be a good day to liquidate all my assets and buy as many drugs and hookers that I can. See how long I go until I drop dead in a warm crotch of a loving prostitute.
Name Price Change MktCap
CIT 4.59 -1.88 (-29.06%) 1.31B
NTAP 13.40 +0.15 (1.13%) 4.39B
MOO 26.00 -0.55 (-2.07%) 624.20M
SBUX 11.01 -0.52 (-4.51%) 8.04B
PXE 13.87 -1.68 (-10.80%) 80.45M
GS 101.35 -11.65 (-10.31%) 40.08B
AIG 2.39 -0.80 (-25.08%) 6.43B

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