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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Alas, We Won't Get To See What's Down Under

Sigh in disappointment at this story, reported by south Australia's Adelaide Now:
FEDERAL sports minister, Adelaide's Kate Ellis has been offered $30,000 to strip for a men's magazine.

Zoo Weekly asked the minister for youth and sport to pose, but she rejected the offer today, the magazine said.

"She had a chuckle at the idea but has decided against it," her spokesman told Zoo.

The invitation came a few weeks after Ellis, 31, the country's youngest ever federal minister, was voted Australia's "sexiest" MP by her political peers including nearly 70 federal MPs and senators.

Zoo editor Paul Merrill said he was very disappointed.

"It's easy to see why so many members stand to attention when they catch a glimpse of Kate," Merrill said.

"We're naturally sad that she's turned down a shoot and deprived her constituents of a much needed morale boost in this global recession.

"But Zoo is starting the campaign today to make her our next prime minister anyway."
Via, which says it's hoping she's just holding out for more money.

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