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Friday, November 21, 2008

Blame the Belgians for Everything

Those ugly Belgians better not screw up drug tourism for the rest of us.
The cannabis-loving clientele of the Liberty II Café are convinced that the latest attempt by authorities to curb their habit will backfire.

Faced with outrage from residents about rowdy behaviour, Roosendaal’s Mayor, Michel Marijnen, wants to close the town’s four coffee shops but is being hampered by civil rights laws.

Like many Dutch “coffee shops” the Liberty II boasts a wide range of marijuana strains, from Amnesia through K2 to Hollands Glorie, sold openly in joints and small amounts over the counter.

Even though it is tucked away in a side street in the sleepy town of Roosendaal, its location near the southern Dutch border has made it a magnet for drug tourists who arrive in their thousands every week from across northern Europe.
Even in Amsterdam where half of the country's coffee shops live, tolerance is the barely the word I would use for how the locals feel about people...well, like me. While I'm not jumping off of any bridges while tripping out of my mind, and I tend to be a very responsible drug tourist as a whole, normal Dutch citizens are tired (and understandably so) of the reputation that their country and/or city has. But whatever, it makes them a shitload of money and the majority of tourist (read: everyone but the British) are well-behaved and respectful.

On another note, later in the article we find out what happened to Coolio. He moved to Belgium:
One of the day-trippers, Coolio, 40, arrived yesterday by train from Leuven, Belgium. “What you buy for €10 (£8.50) here will cost you €20 in Leuven,” he said. “I understand there is too much grass for the people living here, but you should not blame the coffee shops. You have to blame the Belgian Government, why don’t they make the coffee shops legal for their own people?”
Right on Coolio.

Full article here.

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