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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Democrats Finally Get Big O; How Satisfying For The Rest Of Us?

I literally just came home from the Republican National Committee's erroneously-named victory night party in DC (I was there as a reporter). It was not as gloomy as you might think. The crowd -- young and mostly white -- ate and chatted like it was an ordinary happy hour. They all had seen the writing on the wall and knew they would lose tonight. They didn't have spirits to deflate, so why not party? And this time, there really was no sex in the champagne room.

Meanwhile, outside on the streets of DC, people went fucking nuts. Honking cars horns, shouting crowds, and random cries of "Obamaaaaaaaa!" could be heard. I saw one woman shout "Barack, bitch!" in a guy's face.

As I write this Barack Obama is leading 51-47% in the popular vote. If he keeps that percentage or builds on it, he'll be the most successful Democratic candidate since Lyndon Johnson in 1964. Bill Clinton, you'll remember, never broke 49% nationally. The lesson here? Republicans should never run Arizona senators for the presidency. They get their asses handed to them.

Seriously, congrats to Obama. He ran the better campaign, beating the pantsuit off of Hillary Clinton when everybody thought the old bag was unstoppable. He then cleaned the clock of the only Republican that polled better than him at the beginning of the year. He also expanded the Democrats' majorities in the House and Senate with his magical touch. That's quite a haul for the Kid from Hawaii.

The Republicans deserved to lose. They had no ideas, no direction, no responses to the problems the country faces. And even after getting shellacked in 2006 and losing control of Congress, they were never serious about rooting out corruption in their own ranks and just generally getting their shit together. I mean, a party that allows Ted Stevens, an 84 year-old guy facing a federal felony trial for taking bribes, to run for reelection deserves whatever punishment the voters give them.

So what's next? Damned if I know. Obama is a total enigma to me. Who knows what he believes in or what he'll do? If were lucky he'll be Clinton without the zipper problem and I'd be cool with that. Or he could be the second coming of Jimmy Carter, only even more sanctimonious. And while I agree with Rob its cool that we proved that we're willing to elect a black dude, the fact that it happened fairly easily shows it isn't that big of a deal (which is the way it ought to be).

As for me, I'm going to bed ...

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