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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election '08 Drunkblogging: Preparing for the Obamacracy

It's 7 o'clock and we are about to have our first poll closings. I'm not going to promise any kind of extensive of live-blogging here tonight as I plan on drinking a lot. But who knows, I may get caught up in the moment and make amusing and horribly offensive racial comments. So stay tuned.

All the important early states are too close to call; as everyone has been saying IN, VA, GA will all be good indicators for how big of a blowout this is going to be. If it gets called early for Obama, it's gonna be ugly for McCain.

7:10 Links to keep an eye on -- The Corner, The Campaign Spot, MyDD, for results, or, and Weigel at reason.

7:20 At TtP we won't be reporting exit polling data (which if we were we would say it looks bad for McCain) because of our journalistic integrity and because we remember 2004. Also, I've been out of TtP's Baltimore Election Headquarters for most of the day and don't feel like going back and reading the data.If you want them just imagine numbers really high for Obama and really low for McCain. Or just click through the above links to MyDD or Campaign Spot.

7:58 Check it out, Karl Rove is a Mac user! I'm not sure what that means, nor do I have a Mac, I just felt like pointing that out to all you hip, lefty Mac users out there.

8:09 All the important early states are still too close to call, but we have important Senate races. Dole is out in NC, and McConnell stays put in Kentucky. RealClearPolitics has a good rundown on their homepage for all the races.

8:16 No results in from PA yet and ABC calls the state for Obama...VA doesn't look good for McCain either looking at that states actual results.

8:26 More Senate news: Sununu (try spelling that drunk) out in NH, Collins holds in Maine.

8:31 I think everyone has called PA for Obama now. NC looks bad for McCain, but still too close to call.

I've got a suggestion for McCain. It appears that McCain's major problem in this Election is that he won't be able to win enough states to get to 270 electoral votes. Simple enough to solve that one. Make up states. No one will notice. McCainanda or something. I dunno come up with a name or two...I can't do all your work for you Team McCain.

8:36 I'm already starting to dread the Obama acceptance speech...

8:40 Shocking exit polling data of the night: Voters seeking the "experienced" candidate voted overwhelmingly for McCain. Also, voters seeking the "really fucking old" candidate voted overwhelmingly for McCain.

9:18 That's gonna cause some problems for McCain. FOX calls OH for Obama. I think that is a serious nail in the coffin.

10:00 What's to say? I'm pretty drunk, looks like McCain is on his way to a solid loss, and it looks like Democrats will not get to 60 in the Senate.

11:02 So Obama wins. Juan Williams is nearly in tears on FOX News.

11:54 As I pour my last glass of whiskey, and drink my last beer (maybe) and we watch Obama give his acceptance speech, I'll offer some drunken thoughts on this election. First, I'm happy to see a black guy elected President. I'll admit, It's kinda cool knowing where we have come as a nation. But I sit here worried about the next couple years and things like card check, capital gains taxes, corporate tax rates, etc and most worrisome -- we just fucking elected Joe Biden as Vice President of our country. With that I pour another glass of whiskey and await some great blogging material over the next 4 years....

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