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Friday, November 07, 2008

Hazzah! The Election is Over!

Now back to 24/7 unadulterated prostitution posting -- Craigslist to begin requiring credit card information for erotic services ads. Gawker:
It's becoming a real hassle to offer sex for money on Craigslist, apparently. At first sex workers just had to think up a euphemism for prostitution, like "FULL EROTIC EXAMINATION" or "naughty sweet treat" or the cryptic "GFE" or the almost sweet "delightful relaxing time." Then, earlier this year, they had to have a working phone number, and listings dropped 80 percent. Now, under pressure from attorneys general in 40 states, Craigslist is going to require "erotic services" providers to pony up $10 for each listing, and pay with a credit card, which the police will be able to subpoena.
I could go off on how bad this is for the women who will now have to find a much more dangerous marketplace to sell their services; but everyone reading this here all ready knows this. I could go on about how I accidentally clicked through a couple of the craigslist ads in the Gawker post and that I might need to find a new job soon -- but at this point you're probably wondering how I manage to keep a job for more than 6 months, no matter my recent craigslist clicks with my everyday browsing/drinking habits.

What I really wanted to point out however, is that one of my roommates recently bought a pair of skis off of craigslist and my first reaction was "where do you find skis on craigslist?"

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