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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Heartwarming Human Interest Story of the Day

In proof that people do pay attention to legislatures and the laws they live under, Nebraska officials fear there will be a rush of people trying to abandon their children in the state once its legislature establishes a maximum age for doing that under its "safe haven" law:
Nebraska's safe haven law was intended to allow parents to hand over an infant anonymously to a hospital without being prosecuted. Of the 34 children who have been dropped off at hospitals, officials said, not one has been an infant.

All but six have been older than 10, according to a Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services analysis.

State officials said that because of legislative procedures, it will take at least a week to change the language of the safe haven law, creating a window where more parents could try to take advantage of the loophole in the statute.
Safe haven laws allow distraught parents, who fear that their children are in imminent danger, to drop them off at hospitals without being charged with abandonment. Nebraska was the last state in the country to pass such a law. But every other state included an age limit.
Included in the story is the story of one parent who just had to do this despite her deep, profound love for the child she bore, then got bored with:
The safe haven law was meant to protect infants, but there is no age limit under the current law. Five of the abandoned children were brought to Nebraska from out of state. Parents have traveled into Nebraska from Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, Florida and Georgia.

Tysheema Brown drove from Georgia to leave her teenage son at an Omaha hospital.

"Do not judge me as a parent. I love my son, and my son knows that," Brown said. "There is just no help. There hasn't been any help."
No, I think I can judge you as a parent. And my judgment is that if you have the resources and initiative to drive from Georgia to Nebraska, then you ought to be able to get by raising a kid. If you still don't care enough to try, then you are a truly shitty parent and a failure as a human being.

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