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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How Do You Say 'Fuck Off' in Russian?

It's a boring article about how Russia is descending into a financial apocalypse (join the club!), but this quote from a Kremiln insider on Putin's presidential aspirations, Part 2, made it a post worthy article:
Most analysts do not doubt that the amendment is tailored entirely for Mr Putin, allowing him to return to the presidency for 12 years rather than eight. Whether he will choose to do so is another matter, although every independent analyst says they will be more surprised if Mr Putin is not president within two years than if he is.

Only those close to the Kremlin claim Mr Putin has no designs on the presidency. "Medvedev will serve his term and may be re-elected for another," says Edward Lozansky, a former dissident. "It is none of the British press's business anyway. Go and teach your British wives to cook cabbage soup."

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