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Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday Afternoon Links

Like most of you, I've had drunken, dirty sex with a fat boss on the weekend and then had to show up for work to face her on a Monday. It's part of life. You can't escape it. And like most of you I wasn't looking forward to seeing her on Monday.

You're not sure what you said to her in bed/shower/bar bathroom but you do know that whatever it was you didn't mean it and you hope that she knows that. You're also not sure if you stuck it up the butt, but you're pretty sure that if you did, she didn't approve. All in all it adds up to a night full of dread on Sunday.

So mentally that's where I'm at today leading into Election '08. Except I'm the one who is about to take it up the ass without my consent....I'll be here with a bottle of something starting around 7 or 8 live-blogging the results. Until then enjoy some Monday election-free links.

Election results pre-Drudge or Wilson beats Hughes, as told by the street lights

Is any country safe from the epidemic? Japan frets over growing marijuana problem

Whoa..Wait. So you mean our drug war is a corrupting influence throughout all of Mexican society and government and leaves no one untouched? Jeesh, it's almost like we should rethink the policy or something...

Putin, baby, you're on the wrong end of this exchange.

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