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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Links

Is there an alternative headline to this: Residents uneasy over sex offender on the loose. I doubt it. But I'll wait and see if I ever come across one like: Residents elated over sex offender on the loose.


DELAWARE, Ohio -- A urine test showed traces of marijuana in Ethan Linnabary's system the day his sport-utility vehicle struck and killed a motorcyclist.

Genoa Township police officers collected the sample at 7:55 p.m. on June 19, three hours and 26 minutes after the crash in Delaware County.

That time frame has become a key detail in the criminal case prosecutors filed against Linnabary, 21, of Sunbury, in the death of 52-year-old motorcyclist Brian L. Vincent.

Ohio law has a three-hour limit for collecting urine or blood after a crash.

J. Scott Weisman, Linnabary's attorney, argues in court filings that his client's urine test is flawed because the sample was taken beyond the three-hour limit.
Look, I can't know whether this guy was stoned or not when he ran into a motorcycle and killed the driver; but I can say that it is 100% absurd that the reason that the blood sample may be invalid is because it was taken outside of a 3-hour window. Forget about the law, just think about if they had taken a blood sample from this guy 30 minutes after the accident; he would still have had traces of THC in his blood stream and THAT blood sample (presumably) would have been valid as evidence in court. Don't misunderstand me, I would gladly take the 3 hour law; but it doesn't address the issue of marijuana being present in your blood and urine for days, even weeks after use. That the argument is over whether the sample was taken within 3 hours of the accident makes me want to cry.

News out of the Dutch 'weed summit':

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) -- Amsterdam will close almost a fifth of its marijuana cafes to comply with a national ban on having them near schools, the mayor said Friday.

Another city, Eindhoven, said it would start issuing permits to marijuana growers in order to better regulate the trade - if the national government approves.

The plans were announced as 33 major Dutch cities held a "weed summit" to discuss the nation's long-standing policy of tolerating marijuana use while routinely arresting growers.

Marijuana is technically illegal in the Netherlands, but can be sold in small amounts in designated cafes - euphemistically known as "coffee shops" - without fear of prosecution. More than a quarter of the country's cafes are in Amsterdam, where they are a major tourist attraction.

But Mayor Job Cohen said the city would close about 20 percent of its cafes.
Link goes to AP article that includes a picture of the inside of de Dampkring which is a must visit should you ever get the chance to visit. It took former TtP blogger Ben and me a couple trips to the city just to locate the shop (it's located on a funny side street and we were hard pressed to ever make it to the shop that were going for on any particular day), but it was always on my top 5 list to visit.

Very nice vibe and great weed, the only downside is that it's a popular place, especially with tourist so it fills up and can be difficult to find a seat. It's in the general area of the Spui coffee shops like Twede Kramer and Dutch Flowers, the latter never being overly crowded (since they stopped serving beer, one of those newer coffee shop regulations) in any of my visits. So it's a great area to make a day out of if you happen to be in Amsterdam and want to smoke and wander around. I'll try and add links to these shops when I get home.

I have no link for this, but it stays with the general theme of this blog not blogging about anything that more than 9 people care about...

This weekend Pee in Your Anus will capture the regular season Fantasy Football Championship in League UNC. Pee in Your Anus (this humble bloggers team) overcame adversity and a name change from last year's disappointing performance of 3-9 as Middle Age Mom Affair to rocket to the top of the league with a (so far) 10-2 record and is ready to roll into the playoffs with a 1st round bye. Draft pics like Micheal Turner and Roddy White as well a perfectly executed trade that landed Your Anus Thomas Jones in return for Laverenus Coles have been rewarded. Suck it fellow owners, some or all of which may be cock-loving homosexuals.

James, you can go ahead and write me a check for the $250 that's owed to me as the points winner, and you might want to prepare the $550 check for after Your Anus blows through the playoffs and claims the League UNC Championship. Best of luck to the rest of you bitches, there's always next year.

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