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Monday, November 10, 2008

This Shouldn't Be Too Difficult

Nicole Kidman to play a transsexual in upcoming movie about the world's first transsexual.
Actress Nicole Kidman is to play a transsexual artist in film The Danish Girl, it has been reported.

She will play Einar Wegener, a male artist who underwent groundbreaking surgery to become a woman in 1931, The Hollywood Reporter said.

The trade magazine said that Charlize Theron is expected to play Wegener's spouse in the film, which will also be produced by Kidman
1931. Christ...Anyone want to hazard a guess on what that surgery was like in 1931? Flying blimps were considered the height of technology; I highly doubt that they had a painless and seamless way to cut your penis off and make a vagina out of it.

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