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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This Week In Prostitution

It's been another busy week in the world's oldest profession with news from all four corners of the globe. So let's get ready to go 'round the world:

Australian Brothels Make Certain Taxpayers are Screwed: According to the Daily Telegraph, about 80 of the nation's (legal) brothels have been calling their "massage with happy ending" services "therapeutic" and billing apparently unsuspecting health insurers. Thanks to the country's involvement in the health care sector that means the taxpayers are getting jerked around too:
Health Minister Nicola Roxon said her department was investigating the report because public money was involved through government subsidies to health insurance premiums.

"We are interested in public funds being used for health services, and if we have any evidence to the contrary then certainly we would look at how we could take action," she told reporters.
The story was headlined: "No happy ending on rebates from brothels."

You Can Regain That Loving Feeling For 60 Won
: South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak has filed suit to evict a karaoke bar that operates out of a building he owns. Why? 'Cause apparently it is the most awesome karaoke bar ever:
Allegations surfaced before last December's election that female employees provided customers with sexual services in the bar.
So That's Why Daddy Always Volunteers To Pick The Kids Up: Police in San Juan arrested seven women for operating a brothel that was disguised as a child day-care center:
The establishment had been registered as a "family training and childhood development center."
Danish Polls Get Blackballed, Develop Blue Balls: The Danish prostitutes union SIO (Sex Workers Interest Organisation) is urging all prostitutes to boycott any Danish elected official who backs further restrictions on their trade. This follows the proposal by the ruling Liberal Party's Karen Riis-Jørgensen and other officials to bar pols on official business from staying at hotels that are known to allow hookers to operate:
"The hotels are where we work. We can't do it in backyards or in cars. The proposal will force many out into the streets," Sex Worker Sus tells

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