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Monday, November 24, 2008

This Week In Prostitution

Once again, we here at TtP are dedicated to bringing you the latest news in the vitally important economic sector. So here we go, sailor:

Ho's Down, Economic Indicators Up in Middle East
-- Here's one of those stories that makes you wonder how exactly the reporter did his research. It's headlined Prostitutes in Syria raise prices, improve services.
Defying the worldwide economic downturn, prostitutes in Syria are experiencing boom times as more robust economic activity in Syria has created a booming market for their profession due to an inflow of investments in the private sector that have increased the disposable incomes that fund entertainment and indulgence.

Prostitutes in Syria hoping to cash into the economic boom are accordingly raising their prices and improving their highly sought services for better customer satisfaction as the demand for prostitution peaks.

"Prostitution is gradually becoming a legitimate profession, considered mainly as part of tourism."

Ho's Down, Economic Indicators Down In Nevada -- Things are worse here in the states, where even in the popular places more and more people are getting laid off as opposed to getting laid:
The Mustang Ranch is a multimillion-dollar business and, despite the unique product, it's run with sophistication and a keen eye on the profit margin. Austin is a former prostitute and shrewd businesswoman who never goes anywhere without her German guard dog named Cita. These days, she is worried. Despite strong demand, the clients are spending less money.

"Well, recently, business has dropped off dramatically dollar-wise, a lot of men coming in, a lot of parties, but less money," she said. "They don't have as much to spend."


The irony for Austin is that while the money is drying up, more women are applying for jobs. "And the age group is going older," she said. "I had a 72-year-old apply for a job."

She says the poor economy has forced her to lay off 30 percent of her staff, unheard of in a business generally regarded as a printing press for making money.
Read the whole story here.

Child Prostitution Stings Nab Adult Prostitutes -- The FBI and the Justice Department operates a program called "Innocence Lost," which is intended to combat child prostitution. It has task forces set up in 23 cities around the country. So how are they doing? Well ABC News sent a news crew along to one of their stings. What they discovered is that the task force is a doing a bang up job with your tax dollars:
When the police had enough evidence, officers came in the hotel room to arrest the woman and bring her to another room for questioning. It turned out she was not in fact underage, but in her early 20s.

Soon after, a second woman arrived. She was 23.
They're not exactly being exploited either:
The second woman told Bob that she got involved with escort services after working at a strip club in Atlanta, where the VIP room strippers performed sexual services for men.

"I like sex, sex is my favorite thing," she said.

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