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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Car Bailout Bill Stuck In Gridlock; May Run Out of Gas

Earlier tonight the House passed the "temporary bridge loan" bill for domestic automobile industry. You know, the Detroit bailout bill. The vote, if you care, wasn't even close: 237-170.

But it is still far from being law. The Senate has to pass it as well, and that isn't looking too good:
"I don't think the votes are there on our side of the aisle," conceded Sen. George Voinovich (R-Ohio), a major defender of the domestic automakers who has been working for weeks to broker a plan to help them survive the deepening recession. "Some effort needs to be made to respond the concerns of my colleagues," he said.
Do those colleagues oppose the deal because they hate the long-suffering assembly line worker and want to give our country away to the Japanese? Maybe. Or maybe they just think car makers are doomed no matter what because the $14 billion does nothing to reform their staggeringly generous labor contracts.

In any event, it ain't over. The Democrats will have a nearly filibuster-proof majority next year. So expect an even bigger bailout bill next year. Assuming the car companies haven't already gone bankrupt by then. Me, I'm getting a drink. Have a good night, folks

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