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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Rivalry Recap

That’s me to the right bundled up at the Ravens-Redskins game on Sunday night. I’d love to say it was a great time, but honestly it was just really fucking cold, and as a quasi-Redskins fan it was disappointing to see them perform…well, like the Redskins. But it was another opportunity to witness the undying and quite irrational hatred that Baltimore (and I use this term loosely) natives have for just about anything that isn’t from Baltimore...especially anything from 30 min south of Baltimore.

There’s a lot to tackle in that above paragraph and I’m not going to do that now; but I will say that Baltimoreans have an uncanny ability to hold onto grudges and resentments more so than anyone else I've ever witnessed. I’m not sure if it is the Irish roots in the city or what, but it’s there.

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