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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Why Only Temporary?

Baltimore Sun:

Gov. Martin O'Malley is proposing temporary furloughs for more than 67,000 state employees and a shutdown of state government operations for two days during the coming holidays, according to internal documents provided yesterday to The Baltimore Sun.

The proposal would save $34.4 million and help to keep the anemic state budget in the black, according to a letter from Budget Secretary T. Eloise Foster addressed to union officials and provided to The Sun and other news outlets. While the O'Malley administration doesn't need approval from labor unions - a key constituency for the governor - contours of the proposal were hammered out in consultation with union officials.

O'Malley, a Democrat, met with union officials last week and asked them to share the burden of budget cutting that has affected nearly every state agency. He promised to compensate them for sacrifices when economic times improve, according to participants in that meeting.
So let's see if I understand this. Maryland, like most other states, overspent when tax revenues were rolling in and taxed the fuck out of already cash-strapped residents. Then, the economy slows, tax revenue slows and they are left with a huge deficit because they thought the idea of business cycles was, you know, like outdated or something.

Now, O'Malley drastically needs to trim the budget so he wants state employees to sacrifice a few days of pay instead of just firing some of the worthless leeches that work in Baltimore and Annapolis. In order for the unions to go along with this (mostly AFSCME, and it's not even guaranteed that they will give their blessings as of yet) he has to promise to "compensate them for sacrifices made when economic times improve", therefore putting us right back where we started in another 5 years and not dealing with the structural problem of a bloated state government.

Are they all just corrupt assholes constantly bending over for each other? Or just ignorant fucktards who have no foresight? Which would be better?

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