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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

All In the Name of Safe Vehicles....And Easy Tickets

Remember, it's for your safety that they search your property without any cause:
The Florida Highway Patrol announced today that it will conduct random driver's license and vehicle inspection checks throughout Pasco and Hillsborough counties this month.

Troopers will look for bad brakes, worn tires, defective lights and other vehicle problems that pose a danger to drivers, authorities said. They'll also seek out drivers who are breaking state license laws.

The FHP chooses different counties and areas to conduct inspections, depending on how heavy or light trooper staffing is during a particular period of time. Troopers typically find a safe place on a certain road, FHP spokesman Sgt. Steve Gaskins said, and they flag down drivers during daylight hours.
Hopefully the whole flagging down vehicles turns out better for the Florida Highway Patrol than it did for Howard County Police Officer Scott Wheeler.

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