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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Breaking News: Nigerians Involved In E-mail Scams

Meet John Rempel. One day he got an e-mail from a stranger in Nigeria, telling him about a multi-million dollar inheritance that he could claim if he would just help the e-mailer, a lawyer handling the estate, with some financial arrangements. Next thing you know, Rempel had advanced a cool $150,000 to his new friend:
The lawyer said his client had no family but wanted to leave the money to a Rempel. It was his lucky day.

“It sounded all good so I called him,” said Rempel. “He sounded very happy and said God bless you.”

The man then told him he had to pay $2,500 to transfer the money into his name. Then there were several more documents. Some cost $5,000.

He was told to open an account at a bank in London. That required a $5,000 minimum deposit. The crooks later sent him an e-mail with a link to what he was told were details of his new account. Some money had been transferred there for “safe keeping.”

“Everything was good,” said Rempel.
It goes on from there. Astonishingly, he never got his hands on the inheritance.

Hey, Rempel, are you reading this? Because I know a lawyer who can totally get all of your money back. I'd be happy to put you in touch with him for a nominal fee.

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