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Friday, January 30, 2009

Everybody Loves A Quarter-Pounder At The Golden Arches

People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals recently had a Superbowl ad rejected for being too racy. According to the L.A. Times, PETA "refused to remove shots including models licking pumpkin, rubbing pelvic regions with pumpkin and rubbing asparagus on their breasts". PETA responded with their usual did-they-replace-the-protein-in-their-diet-with-crack? hyperbole, claiming that all the ad did was:
drive home the fact that vegetarians make better lovers. And I'm pretty sure that most Super Bowl fans would find the ad a lot more appealing than the impotence and other not-so-sexy effects that a steady stream of chicken wings and burgers can have on their love lives.

Why so grouchy NBC? Sounds like someone’s not getting enough um…vegetables. I’m thinking network execs could really benefit from a broccoli booty call.
Liars. As this Slate article points out, while vegetarians are generally more health-conscious and therefore fitter, this has nothing per se to do with giving up meat. It just means exercising more, eating more fiber, etc, makes you have better sex. Duh.

In fact there are several studies that show that giving up meat means you lose interest in meat -- yours or anyone else's:
Vegetarian diets tend to correlate with higher rates of zinc deficiency, which is closely associated with lower testosterone levels and depressed sex drives. Vegetarian women are also more likely to develop amenorrhea (loss of periods), a condition that's usually accompanied by low testosterone, vaginal dryness, and poor libido. Finally, the notion that overweight people are less sexually active isn't entirely accurate (for women, at least): A recent analysis published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology shows that overweight women might, in fact, be slightly more active.
Sorry, PETA, but when people want meat, they want meat.

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