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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's Like Raaaiiinn On Your Wedding Day

Even when I've been tired out by the election, politics, and the drug war; it's the hope of stories like this that keep me coming back to the blog day after day (or day after every other day..)
Sex Offender Wins Jackpot In Charity For Sex Abuse Victims

Alaska (ChattahBox) – A convicted sex offender has won an Alaskan lottery that was being organized to help aid victims of sexual abuse.

The $50,000 jackpot was gathered by organizers with Standing Together Against Rape (STAR), a group dedicated to helping people who have suffered the trauma sexual assault.

Alec Ahsoak, a 53 year old convicted sex offender, was charged and jailed on sexual assault charges against minors in both 1993, and 2000. He has promised to give $100,000 of his winnings back to STAR in what he calls an ‘act of God’.
How's that pledge coming?
After taxes, Ahsoak took home $350,000. No official reports of a donation back to STAR have so far been made.
Exactly. I wouldn't count on that donation guys, $350,000 buys a lot of candy and trench coats.

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