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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Prostitutes: Keep Our Profession Illegal!

The mayor of Las Vegas is pushing to legalize prostitution in the city by creating an official red light district. Why? Well, for the children of course. And by "for the children" he means "I want to tax the hookers":
[Mayor Oscar] Goodman said, “I’ve met with folks from that industry who make a very compelling argument that it could generate 200 million a year in tax dollars, and that would buy a lot of textbooks, pay for a lot of teachers.”
So what do the hookers think of paying more taxes and being forced to work in brothels instead of independently? Shockingly, they are not thrilled one told the L.A. Times:
"Since many customers are critically concerned with discretion and prostitutes prefer their 'freedom,' I believe the idea may appear much more appealing than the reality of the situation and what is necessary to make it happen."
In any other industry, the brothel system itself would seem obviously a bad deal for the workers. The brothels charge room and board to the workers for lodging as well as take up to half the money earned by them from customers, technically often including tips. So, you could in theory work a week and lose money after you pay your rent to the brothel. Women have no privacy rights even in their rented rooms which can be searched by the brothel owners for hidden cash or drugs at any time. The sacrifice of "freedom" is real.

Others strongly object to the money. One local high-end illegal escort I reached who opposes legal brothels in Vegas told me: "I would never give a brothel owner half of what I earn, that is a legal word for pimp."

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