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Friday, January 30, 2009

Sorry Radley. I'm Gonna Always Err on the Side of Making Fun of Gore

I don't usually comment on other bloggers posts, because that would be a little to close to actual and potentially successful blogging for my liking. I prefer to sit in a dark corner of the blogosphere, just me and my bestiality jokes. So far I'm doing a pretty good job with that strategy.

I'm making an exception in this case because -- a) It's Friday at 3pm and I'm really trying to avoiding doing any paid work, and b) I always like to defend people who make jokes at the expense of religion -- or in this case -- global warming and no-good opportunistic do-gooders. Even if they are really bad jokes.

Radley writes in a very commented on post at his site:

Can we stop this nonsense where every time a snowflake lands on Al Gore, we laugh about how it proves he’s wrong about global warming?

There’s lots not to like about Al Gore. And while I’m generally convinced that the earth is getting warmer, I’m also skeptical that (1) it’s entirely man-made, (2) there’s much we can do it about, (3) even if we could marginally offset it, it would be worth the enormous costs, (4) anyone really knows what the consequences of it will be.
Let's ignore the second paragraph, because I tend to agree with most everything he says and also doesn't have much to do with the question that Radley asks in his opening line. He says: "Can we stop this nonsense where every time a snowflake lands on Al Gore, we laugh about how it proves he’s wrong about global warming?" To which I respond -- No.

Al Gore begs to be mocked. Al Gore should be mocked. Al Gore is a boob who wants to tell us all how to live, even as he lives the complete opposite of that life. He's a hack. A hypocrite. A leader of a cult that would push our civilization to the brink of the Dark Ages if they could. That's unacceptable in my book and deserves ridicule whenever possible. Should these guys come up with some new lines? Sure. But I don't blame them for using overplayed jokes that my 4 yr old nephew could write. Really, most of these guys are Washington journalists, or even worse -- professional pundits. Not exactly members of the Creativity Club.

So don't blame them for making an easy joke. Blame the Al Gore for allowing the easy joke.

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