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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Vegas Vacation Part 2

Anyways I can hear like 5 girls yelling at this guy and I am not happy that these stupid bitches are the ones I have to rely on to make a case for me. This one cop still alone with me is telling me about how he got kicked off the Long beach PD for smoking pot. All around nice guy actually. The other guy comes back in and says..”ok we know a crime has been committed, just not what.” I’m kinda happy, everyone is pretty sure I’m not the leader of a major check forging syndicate. They call metro cops. Cops roll up, read me my rights…I’m deflated unsure if I should even talk, I take a gamble and see if I can get myself out of this. I also make another mistake and allow the cops to search my bags…They find 2 more IDs and my social security card. They actually laugh and want to know who the hell I really am and why I need so many IDs.

Great keystone cop moment when the one cop finally looks closely at one of the IDs and then at me and goes..”hey..this isn’t you”, really? Point of a fake ID, my friend. Of course I didn’t actually say that. I tell them my name explain that’s my social and that my school is a bar/club scene and if you don’t have an ID you can’t do anything. In retrospect all this was dumb, but it did keep me from being charged with anything. They call the station and run a check on my fake id names, my name and any reported forgeries with any names. Nothing pops. They call my buddy; determine that the money was intended for me. At this point they tell me that take felony forgery off the table…which surprised me because I never knew it was on a table to begin with. They say we are down to two $600 tickets/misdemeanors for the fakes for sure and I’m ecstatic over this news. They then turn to the casino security and ask them what they want to do with me. Press charges or no. I had been with these two guys for quite some time, and at this point I was so sad looking that they felt for me. They tell me they need to do something and that they will not press charges but have to “86” me for life as they put it and ban me from all Mandalay bay casinos (I was at the luxor then)…not mirage like I previously said…Great, excellent. They took a picture of me grinning for their black book, I go next to some card counter or something, they tell me that if I ever step foot on the grounds of any one of their properties (7 casinos in vegas) that I will be charged with felony trespassing. I sign some agreements, god knows what. The uniformed guy escorts me out of the hotel shakes my hand good bye.

No money, no where to stay I was fortunate enough to have a buddy who went to UNLV. Stayed with him for the weekend, tailgated at the UNLV UNR game had a great weekend. All his friends thought it was great, never heard of someone getting banned for life trying to get more money to lose at the casino. I also learned from one of his friends who father owns a tech company who does casino surveillance that they have a face recognition system that scans every face when they walk in and compares it to the pictures that they have in there black book. Think I saw something about this on the travel channel.

Morale of the story. Casinos hold all the power; police take their cue from them. Don’t fuck with a casino or the security

Long I know, but it’s really tough to shorten…why I said a story for another time.