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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Well, I Have A Position For Her ...

Meet Melody Morales. This caliente seniorita is suing a New York restaurant, for, ummm, not letting its customers stare at her tits and pinch her ass. For reals:
The 21-year-old Latina lovely is the latest woman to sue over working conditions at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone, where employees in skimpy beachwear parade nightly before diners.

"Not to brag, but I look good in a bikini," Morales said Tuesday. "I could have done a perfect job there."

The suit says Morales went with her mother to the restaurant last March in search of a job. It claims a manager told her to get lost, saying, "I am not going to ruin my business with your Latin accent."
This really hurt poor Melody because, umm ... well, let her explain:
"It was kind of like my dream to work at the [Hawaiian Tropic Zone]," she said. "It's the bikini, I guess."
Damn, what a coincidence. It's my dream to have her serve me beers and nachos, then rub my shoulders. Slowly. And then faster.

Wow, small world isn't it?

Having said that, why is this lawsuit necessary? The owner may be a dickhead for not hiring her, but it still should be his call. And I'm having a hard time believing this is a real civil rights milestone either. Tell you what Melody, I'll vote with my feet and patronize whatever place you're working at, bueno? Donde esta su casa?

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