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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dentist, Massuese...Who Can Keep Those Jobs Straight?

If I knew dentists were giving out happy endings I wouldn't always be so anxious about my annual trip:
The attorney for a Woodland dentist told jurors that his client massaged women's chests as part of a medical treatment.

Defense attorney Michael Rothschild told the six-man, six-woman Yolo County jury that Mark Anderson was treating his female clients for temporomandibular disorder, or TMD. The attorney says the condition affects the muscles of the upper body.

Anderson faces 19 felony charges for skin-to-skin contact and one misdemeanor for touching a patient's breasts over her clothing. The incidents occurred between February 2005 and his arrest in August 2007 and brought complaints from 18 women.
The good news for any prospective dentist out there is that you can molest over a dozen women for 18 months until you get caught. So if we've learned anything from this disgraced pervert of a dentist, it's that you should only grope gassed up women for 16, 17 months top, before stopping for good.

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