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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Further Proof that Higher Ed is the Next Bubble To Burst

This guy needs to look at the bright side. He may have been cheated out of $2,000, but it most likely saved him $60,000 of future debt after he realizes that maybe college isn't for him:
J ake Welke, a sophomore majoring in special education at Illinois State University, was looking for a part-time job to help him pay his way through college.

"My professor suggested looking for jobs on craigslist (an Internet classified advertising service), and I saw a listing from a Filipino woman who was looking for an English tutor for her son, a foreign exchange student."

Welke, whose parents live in New Lenox, responded with his name and phone number, and the woman soon sent him another e-mail. It said the job would pay $40 an hour for four weeks, and he would be required to meet with her son for a minimum of three times a week.[...]

"I have to admit that $40 an hour sounds like $1 million to a college student," Welke said. "I sent her an e-mail saying I was still interested and asked for her son's name and age. She never answered those questions but sent me another e-mail saying I was hired."

The mother said she was sending Welke two MoneyGrams for $1,000 each. She asked that he take $500 out for himself and send a check for $1,500 to the nanny who would be flying immediately from Florida to Illinois with the woman's son. It was essential that he send the money right way so the nanny could pay for her flight and hotel room, the woman's e-mail said.
Jake, who ironically happens to be a special ed major, dutifully complied with the overweight Nigerian man Filipino mother and sent the check:
The MoneyGrams were fake, although they looked authentic. His bank accepted the money orders, Welke wrote a check for $1,500 on his account, and then Welke discovered 10 days later that the MoneyGrams were no good. He was on the hook for the entire $2,000.

There was no foreign exchange student. There wasn't any nanny. And the Filipino woman likely was a Nigerian, operating out of East Africa, Canada or England.

Welke's mother, Evelynn, blames herself.

"I told him money orders were as good as money. I told him to go ahead and deposit the money and write the check. I feel responsible," she said.

Jake Welke said he couldn't believe the Filipino woman was so trusting.
Jesus. What a retarded family. This scam doesn't even make sense. How the fuck do you fall for this?

Jake, you could have done what I and countless other college students did for drug and alcohol money during college -- No not blow jobs to random guys at highway rest stops. Although I heard that can be quite lucrative...Instead go get a low paying retail job. Or work on campus. Tend bar. Or wait tables. It's not that fucking hard to find a part-time job in school. You don't need to go on craigslist looking for $40/hr tutoring gigs for fucks sake.

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