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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hey, Don't Spend It All In One Place!

Washington state is helping out its neediest citizens by sending them checks for $1. I shit you not:
When you add printing and postage, it seems like a waste, but the state says the economy has them pulling out all the stops to find money wherever they can.
The point of all this is that it qualifies the recipients for federal funds, according to Leo Ribas, head of community services at Washington's Department of Social and Health Services:
He says if the state’s food stamp recipients receive just $1 for energy bill assistance, that qualifies them for extra federal assistance. That means someone like Nelson could receive about $30 more per month in food stamps.

Sending out $1 checks cost the state $250,000. DSHS says that could bring the state and additional $43 million in federal funding.

Call it red tape or a hoop to jump through. Either way, the state says it makes sense.

"I think it's an issue of maximizing the federal regulations to the advantage of Washington residents,” said Ribas.
Makes sense to me. I mean it's not like that federal money comes out of our pockets. And if we need more we can just print more! Everybody wins!

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