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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Never Miss Another Hot Teacher/Teenage Boy Story Again!

We here at TtP work hard to make this a quality blog. It is our intention, for example, to bring to your attention every story involving teachers getting it on with their students that we come across.

We do overlook some of them though. This blog is just a sideline for Rob and myself and we can't devote all of our time to it. Speaking for myself, my day job of producing and directing bumfight videos keeps me pretty busy. (And yet the Motion Picture Academy keeps ignoring me every Oscars ...)

Luckily, I've come a cross a SFW website devoted solely to keeping track of student-teacher sex, A real labor of love for its owner, it is exhaustive and constantly updated.

There you can read about Shannon Hrozek, for example, a Houston teacher caught going down on a 16 year-old student by her principal. We highlighted her case before because she was "the third Spring ISD teacher charged with having sex with a student in the last four months."

They've updated the story several times since then including charges that Hrozek was involved with another teenage boy. They have missed the latest update from the local ABC station though, her rather novel defense:
[Hrozek] had taken the stand to tell the jury face to face her version of what happened. She spent most of the time on the stand explaining that she had passed out and she doesn't remember anything, and that she was in a heavy sleep at the time the alleged assault happened.

Hrozek told the jury she takes at least five different types of medications for anxiety, depression and attention deficit disorder. Her attorney, Katherine Scardino, showed the jury the pill bottles. Because she was on medication, Hrozek testified, she passed out and does not remember the alleged sexual encounter with her 16-year-old male student in January 2008 at Westfield High School.
In other words, she was giving a blowjob in her sleep. This raises two obvious questions: what was the medicinal concoction she was taking and are the components available over the counter? 'Cause otherwise I've gotta go back to med school. And I don't wanna do that now 'cause I'm this close to signing a contract with ESPN10 for "Wednesday Night Skidrow Action."

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