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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Philadelphia Culture On Display

In case you missed it, Philly held its annual Wing Bowl the other day. It's good to know that, even in the depths of a recession, America is a place where a plucky young lad can still live out his dreams of greatness:
Jonathan Squibb, a skinny kid from Camden County, is your new Wing Bowl champion.

"Super Squibb," 23, scarfed down 203 wings, 23 more than Richard "Not Rich" Razzi, who placed second, and 50 more than the third-place eaters Henry "Hank the Tank" Goldey and Don "Da Disposal" James, chomping his way to glory and winning a new Mini Cooper and a $7,500 diamond ring yesterday morning at the 17th annual wingding, at the Wachovia Center.

Going into the contest - 610 WIP's annual celebration of gluttony, beer and strippers - Squibb, a Winslow Township resident and Rutgers grad, was handicapped at 9-1 odds by WIP's Al Morganti, who is credited with creating Wing Bowl.

"Nobody believed in me but my family, but I knew I could do it," said Squibb, a Wing Bowl newcomer who's "in career transition right now."
Many photos are up on the website, including some interesting backstage shots.

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