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Friday, February 27, 2009

Please Tell Me This Is Not One Of The 11 Herbs And Spices

A KFC in Manchester, N.H., received what the employees thought was a call from the corporate HQ on safety procedures but turned out to be a hoax. How did they figure this out? Read on:
Firefighters were called to the restaurant on Hooksett Road because employees reported eye and skin irritation from a fire extinguisher. When emergency crews arrived, they found three employees disrobed outside of the building.

The employees told police that the restaurant got a call from someone claiming to be from corporate headquarters who asked them to test their fire suppression system. When they did and reported that they had chemicals from the extinguisher on their clothes, the caller told them they needed to take their clothes off.

The workers said they became suspicious when the caller then told them to urinate on each other.
Hmmm, looks like they're onto you, Rob.

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