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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So If Last Night Was a Democratic Pep Rally, Does That Make Joe Biden the Mascot?

I watched a good portion of last night's quasi-SOTU. And by good, I don't mean that I watched anything that would qualify as "good", only that I watched most of the sophomoric show in between the LSU - Florida basketball game.

An important caveat -- A mistake was made in staying sober. I wasn't at my house and only had access to a few glasses of wine. No pills, nothing to smoke, no hard liquor. How anyone actually watches one of these things sober is beyond me. Turns out there are a lot of things you miss when slipping in and out of alcohol and barbiturates induced comas. But don't get me wrong -- you're better off for it. My thoughts from last night:

--What the fuck was Nancy Pelosi wearing? The morning-beer-shits-color straitjacket she had on last night was hideous and off putting to even this observer who usually finds the lady and her massive boobies quite attractive. Put the outfit together with a level of exuberance that was downright offensive after what she's done to the American taxpayer recently and it was very hard to watch her behind the president.

--Is Joe Biden the dumbest guy on earth? I think so. He's a caricature of Joe Biden. The grin and finger points to the crowd, he's obnoxious like no other. And what the fuck was with Obama saying, "No one messes with Joe!". Seriously, this is supposed to be a serious speech during a serious time and he gives a shout-out to the goofy VP? What a joke.

--Were we supposed to feel better about the $1 trillion that was just taken from us, when Obama confirmed that Joe Biden would be overseeing the stimulus raping of America investment and recovery act? 'Cause I don't.

--How long can Obama get away with blaming Bush and a former Republican congress for deficit? You would think it would be hard to do when you've signed off on spending in you're first month like no other president has ever done. Basically I'm making Nick Gillespie's point that he made so well.

--We learned you're against America if you drop out of high school.

--Solar panels and windmills are still going to be the drivers of tomorrow's jobs. Let me repeat: Solar panels and windmills...

--Did anyone hear anything about free trade? Honest question. I might have missed it. I definitely heard one reference to companies that ship our jobs overseas.

--More and more Obama strikes me as the prototypical pragmatic office bureaucrat that forces me to sit in hour long meetings about carpet. Anyone else get this vibe? I'm using pragmatic in a pejorative manner. I think anyone who considers themselves a pragmatist is usually worthless. So Obama will have lots of meetings with lots of breakout sessions where people will talk about a lot of things that will never happen. All just to repeat mistakes made 40 years ago. Great.

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