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Thursday, February 05, 2009

While It May Save a Life or Two, It's Still a Bad Idea

No more beer grenades in the infield during Preakness.

As a Preakness tradition, it may not rank with the singing of " Maryland My Maryland" but the longstanding practice of infield spectators bringing their own beer into the second jewel of racing's Triple Crown will be no more, the Maryland Jockey Club announced today.

In fact, no beverages of any kind -- including soft drinks and water -- will be permitted to be brought into the infield for the 134th running of the Preakness on May 16.

The Jockey Club's press announcement said:

"No beverage of any kind (cans or bottles), including alcohol, soft drinks and water will be allowed to be brought into the public infield.

Personally, it doesn't much affect me. I've had my Preakness fun and trust me those days are long behind me. But I fear that Preakness classics like the Running of the Urinals will be but a memory now.

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