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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Earth Hour. Don't Be Left Out in the Dark.

Earth Hour is back, with full non-electricity goodness. As an email from my enviro-conscious employer says:
Mayor Dixon has made an appeal for the support of Earth Hour. This is an international event sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund to make a “Global Statement of Concern” about climate change ( Last year’s photo images of before and during this event are a remarkable statement about how many people care for our planet.
Indeed. Many people do care for the planet...Or care about what other douches think about them caring about the planet. But as I asked last year, how many of them care about the people living on the planet?

As I look over the global map on I notice a distinct region that appears to not be getting with the program, apparently unaware that electricity is a menace that must be stopped. Africa. For a land mass known as the Dark Continent I'd expect a better showing from those folks. Whats the matter? You guys don't have any lights to turn off?? Oh...That's right. They don't. How's a world with our modern conveniences like lights, running water, and A/C working out for Africans?

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