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Sunday, March 15, 2009

How To Make Money In A Recession: Boobies

Yeah, the recession is hurting everyone ... except apparently Hooters and its imitators:
They're called "breastaurants."

You've seen them or even eaten there, places like Hooters or Wing House. They are hot spots where wings, sports, beer and yes, beautiful women, all converge.

In an economy where businesses are losing money and closing, these breastaurants are raking in the cash.

Hooters, which originated in Clearwater, posted huge profits last year to the tune of one billion dollars.

"People get in a fun atmosphere around Hooters, and I think they feel that," Bob Passwaters tells us. He's been doing marketing for Hooters for nearly two decades. "Of course, you have the girls and the food, kind of a neighborhood escape."

An escape where the food is inexpensive, and entrees are under $10.

These breastaurants offer a carefree atmosphere where Passwaters says, people can forget about the bad economy and eat a good meal.

"They just love getting away from sitting at their computer seeing all the bad news in the markets going down and this is going down," Passwaters told us. "Heck, let's go to Hooters and have some chicken wings and relax a bit."
The above picture is from the Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery, where I presume the girls will put a tilt in your kilt.

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