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Thursday, March 05, 2009

In Case You Weren't Pissed Off Enough About Congressional Spending

USA Today has the latest "Earmarks gone? Bwa-ha-ha-ha!" story. The twist this time? The earmarks -- all $7.7 billion of them -- include money being put in for people who aren't even in Congress anymore:
WASHINGTON — A $410 billion bill that would keep the government running through September directs $227 million to pet projects for former lawmakers, including an ex-congressman facing corruption charges, a USA TODAY analysis shows.

The short-term budget, which Congress failed to complete last year and is now headed to a Senate vote this week, includes seven projects worth $1.2 million for Rick Renzi, a former Republican congressman indicted in 2008 on charges stemming from a land deal in Arizona. It also includes $1 million in projects requested by former senator Larry Craig, R-Idaho, arrested in 2007 as part of a sex sting.

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