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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Legal Fireworks? Two Stumps Up!

Here's some news for you: An Arizona lawmaker is actually trying to loosen regulations on fireworks:
The legislation, House Bill 2258, introduced last month would permit merchants to sell nearly everything from Roman candles to more lavish and colorful explosives.

The fireworks bill, introduced by Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Gilbert, calls for the Arizona fire marshal to regulate fireworks sales through licensing and fees. The bill has passed through a committee and faces a House vote soon. If passed, it would then go to the Senate.

During a recent legislative session, Biggs said, "it is time to get rid of the 'nanny state' and allow consumer fireworks, as defined in federal code."
Naturally, the Nanny State is not giving up without a fight and the Arizona Republic story linked above includes an interview with the face of the anti-fireworks movement:
After the series of explosions and after he finally forced his way out of the car, Matt Crosbie looked down and saw the skin peeling from his arms.

Flashes of smoke, flames and burned flesh followed just moments after Crosbie tried to launch mortar-like fireworks out the window of a moving car days before his high school graduation. One of the explosives he fired from a cardboard tube bounced back into the vehicle, igniting more fireworks and leaving the car engulfed in fire.

Phoenix Fire Department officials said explosions like the 2004 incident in which Crosbie suffered burns over 60 percent of his body could become more frequent if state lawmakers approve a bill that would legalize consumer-grade fireworks in Arizona.
Crosbie, who recently joined firefighters recently to speak out against the bill, said he was inspired to serve as a burn-victim advocate after he rehabbed.

"I've had 30 surgeries, plenty of skin grafts," said Crosbie, now 23. "I guess you could say I'm scarred for life because of this."
Look, I'm sorry the guy was scarred but this was not the result of fireworks being available. It was a result of this guy being a knucklehead. Shooting mortar-style fireworks from a moving car? A third grader could tell you that was both dumb and dangerous. It wouldn't make anymore more sense if the guy was protesting Detroit for building cars that allowed him shoot fireworks in such a dangerous manner.

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