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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meet the New Pushing Back Blog

Thought I'd check out the ONDCP blog, Pushing Back, to see what if any changes had been made in the style and content of the site and boy, was I disappointed. The blog has always been a hysterical propaganda rag, with little connection to reality, I understand that. But at least it was funny. It was worth reading for that hysterical propaganda and that alone. It was material for me, and in a world with a billion blogs and a blog with over 900 posts from me...material is king at this point. So when a gold mine like the ONDCP blog switches hands and becomes what could now be the most boring blog in the world, I get a little bitter. I mean good for them and everything. The world could always use a little less propaganda in it, but jesus christ it's become boring.

I saw this post titled, "Is Your Home Safe?", and I thought brilliant! Must be something about painkillers, or kids smoking know something overblown with lots of hyperbole. Then it turns out to be a post about...get ready for this --- protecting your kids from bleach. No joke, a post about poison control on the ONDCP blog. Perfectly reasonable, but what the fuck am I supposed to do with that? Bring back John Walters!

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