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Thursday, March 19, 2009

On the Record

Whew...I emerge from one drink-induced coma to find myself firmly planted on the opening day of the NCAA Tournament. Talk about a waste of a work week. Or month. So in an effort to stay productive as well as well as continue a TtP time honored tradition (is it possible I've been doing this for 3 years now? Can you feel old in your mid twenties?)I'll start my NCAA blogging with a look at today's games and quick breakdown of my bracket.

Today's games (my selection only, not total for the day):

Purdue (5) vs. Northern Iowa (12) -- West Region 2:30

This has the smell of a classic 5-12 upset; especially since Purdue seems to be a trendy pick to make a run in the tournament. That being said I don't think you pick this game for your 5-12 upset. Purdue closed out the season strong with quality wins over Penn State, Illinois and Ohio State to win the Big Ten Tournament. While it's true that they hail from the Big Ten, as conference where scoring 50 points in a game is considered an accomplishment, they also play fundamentally strong basketball and are built well for the Tournament. Advantage Purdue.

California (7) vs. Maryland (10) -- West Region 2:55

You can forget the seedings in this 7-10 match-up to decide who gets the privilege of playing Memphis (1) in the round of 32. This game will most likely be decided on the success Cal's outside shooting against Maryland's pesky zone defense. It also won't hurt if Maryland can keep their missed lay-ups to a minimum. You can label me a Homer, but not because of this pick...Advantage Maryland.

Washington (4) vs. Miss St (12) -- West Region 4:55

It happens every year...We get to the tournament and I realize that I have no fucking clue about anything PAC-10 related. I know it's a conference and I know they play on the west coast; but due to the fact that they play at 10:30 pm on Fox Sports West, I never catch any of their games. Outside of the Cal Maryland game (only because I'm a rabid Maryland fan) take all my picks involving PAC-10 teams with a very small grain of salt. That being said, Washington (arguably) has drawn the toughest match-up of any 4 seed in the Tournament. Miss St comes into this game as a surprise entry into the Tournament after winning the SEC Tournament. Miss St is a streaky team who can run the court. Upset pick...Advantage Miss St.

Clemson (7) vs. Michigan (10) -- South Region 7:10

When a Big Ten team is playing an ACC team you are presented with the easiest bracket decision possible. How can you pick a Big Ten team over an ACC team when every year the Big Ten gets whipped by the ACC in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. I don't think Clemson makes a run in the Tournament, but they advance in the opening round past Michigan. Advantage Clemson.

As for my bracket...Surprise Sweet 16 team: 7 seed Boston College in the West. Surprise Elite 8 teams: It's all about the 3 seeds. Missouri (3) tops Memphis in the West Region Semi-Final, Villanova takes out Duke in the East Region Semi-Final and Syracuse defeats Oklahoma in the South.

Final Four: Villanova, Louisville, Missouri, UNC. UNC defeats Missouri in the Championship game.

Sit back and enjoy the games...

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