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Monday, March 30, 2009

Thank Goodness The Judge Ruled Before April 15

A New York judge has ruled that pole dancing is an art form that qualifies for a state sales tax exemption. Here's the story, courtesy of the American Bar Association Journal:
The judge, Catherine Bennett, ruled the Albany-area club Nite Moves was entitled to a “dramatic arts” tax exemption and did not have to pay $129,000 in sales taxes, the New York Law Journal reports. The state of New York had contended it was owed taxes on cover charges and dancer fees paid between 2002 and 2005.

Bennett ruled after hearing from a University of Maryland dance scholar and watching videos of dance routines at the club, the story said.

"The videos depicted dance routines that incorporated acrobatic pole maneuvers, splits and other patterned repetitions," Bennett said. "The pole maneuvers in particular are no small feat to accomplish, and attempting such a performance without the skill and a planned routine of steps could prove dangerous."
Here's my question for the judge: Are donations to pole dancers tax deductible? And could you be snappy with the answer? It's just two weeks to filing time, you know.

Bonus fun fact: The lawyer who won the case is a Mormon.

UPDATE: In response to overwhelming popular demand I have added art from to illustrate the artistry involved. Why the woman was performing at a wedding, I'm not sure.

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