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Monday, March 23, 2009

Why Not Use a Comment Card?

Protesting foie gras, WTO-Seattle style, in Columbia, MD:
The owners of a Columbia restaurant arrived for work today and discovered that someone had smashed windows, put glue in door locks, and used red spray paint to leave a pointed message on a stone walkway: "Get rid of the foie gras."

Steve Wecker, an owner of the Iron Bridge Wine Company, an upscale wine bar and restaurant on Route 108 in western Howard County, said the damage occurred overnight. Four windows were smashed.

"I appreciate people's passion, but I think that when you smash in windows, you're crossing the line, " said Wecker, who operates the six-year-old restaurant with his brother, Rob.
Full article here. For which the Sun headline reads "Vandals protest use of foie gras at Columbia restaurant" Vandals yes. Protesting? Not quite. Since when is destroying private property termed "protesting"? Some colorful signs and some naked chicks is protesting, not broken windows and locks...

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