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Monday, April 20, 2009

Obama Promises Government Will Stop Eating Out; Cut Back on Fancy Coffee

Obama the budget hawk:
President Obama is making a $100 million downpayment on fiscal responsibility when he holds his first formal cabinet meeting Monday.

He'll do that by ordering the agency bosses to come up with that much in savings within the next 90 days. And that $100 million is on top of whatever efficiencies have already been uncovered.[...]

Among the highlights are 26 conferences that the Veterans Affairs administration has canceled or delayed in favor of cheaper alternatives, like video conferences, keeping nearly $17.8 million in the bank.

Also, the Agriculture Department hopes to save $62 million by putting 1,500 employees from seven offices into one building in 2011, and the Department of Homeland Security thinks it can cut $52 million over five years by buying office supplies in bulk.
Call me cynical, but I don't think our nation is on the brink of bankruptcy because the assholes at federal bureaucracies are spending too much money on colored post-it notes and highlighters.

(Although, when the geniuses at Homeland Security say they can save $52 million by buying office supplies in bulk, one does wonder exactly how they are currently buying their pens and legals pads...)

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